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    Pet Euthanasia – All Good Things Come to an End

    Oct 15 2012

    This past weekend was a sad one for me. I had to perform one of the most difficult tasks in veterinary medicine…. euthanasia for an ailing dog or cat.  I…

  • Readers’ Choice Awards

    Sep 06 2012

    The Brantford Veterinary Clinic is very honoured to have been nominated in 2 categories for the 1st Annual Brant News Readers’ Choice Awards. We very much appreciate the trust and…

  • Brantford Veterinary Clinic supports Ride for Farley

    Aug 02 2012

    Cycling Event Raising Money and Awareness for Pets and People in Need Kathy Holden,  Bev Dungey and Dave Schleifer of the Brantford Veterinary Clinic will again be cycling 100 km…

  • 30 years of veterinary medicine…

    Jul 19 2012

      It’s hard to believe that it’s 30 years since I first stepped into the exam room as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  I decided to become a veterinarian when…

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    Brantford Vet Tech Talk —- with Anne and Jenn

    Jun 26 2012

      What is in that bag of food? The pet food industry is a confusing one. We can stand in a store looking at all the ingredients on the bag…

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    Hot Cars in Brantford Ontario

    Jun 05 2012

    Did you know…… On a nice sunny 72°F (22°C) day here in Brantford Ontario the temperature in your car can climb to 116°F (46.6°C) in less than 1 hour.  Studies…

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    Why should I test my dog annually for Heartworm?

    Apr 25 2012

    Why should I test my dog annually for heartworm? This is a question that is frequently asked either on the phone or at the front desk. At the Brantford Vet…

  • Heartworm Season has begun

    Apr 12 2012

    With the unusual weather patterns we have seen this year alot of people are wondering about Heartworm Season.  Should we test early?  Should we start preventive medication early.  One of…

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    Brantford Veterinary Clinic Celebrates Cats!

    Mar 01 2012

    by Anne Klepp, RVT Although a large percentage of owners want to give the best care to their feline family members, many cats, particularly seniors, do not receive annual physical…

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    Brantford Veterinary Clinic supports Dental Health Month

    Feb 16 2012

    Brantford Veterinary Clinic supports Dental Health Month by Jennifer Church, R.V.T.   Did you know February is dental health month?   80% of dogs and 70% of cats over age…