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Does your pet have kissable breath?

By February 5, 2013 Tech Talk

Does your pet have kissable breath?

The importance of maintaining good oral hygiene is often something we don’t worry about for our cats and dogs like we do for ourselves. However, it is very important to their overall health and well being. Severe periodontal disease occurs when we allow plaque and harmful bacteria to destroy the gum tissue. The infection spreads under the gum line causing bone loss and eventually loss of teeth. Signs of periodontal disease include: bad breath, brown staining on teeth, bleeding gums, tooth loss, abnormal drooling and changes in eating habits.

Dental cleanings require a general anesthetic to ensure proper cleaning above and below the gum line. We also take dental radiographs to ensure there are no issues with bone loss or root infection not visible above the gum line.

Periodontal disease is quite uncomfortable for our pets and for us. Our bond is broken somewhat with our pet when we don’t want them close to us because of their bad breath.  The bacteria from periodontal disease can travel through the blood stream to other major organs such as the valves in their heart, the liver and the kidneys.

The benefit to having a dental cleaning done on your pet is that they will have that kissable breath again. Your pet will have a healthy mouth to eat with pain free and there will be no infection causing disease in their mouth or in their body. That means the possibility of a longer, healthier life for them and more enjoyment with them.

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