Jun 05 2012

Hot Cars in Brantford Ontario

Did you know……

On a nice sunny 72°F (22°C) day here in Brantford Ontario the temperature in your car can climb to 116°F (46.6°C) in less than 1 hour.  Studies have shown that cracking the windows open doesn’t make a lot of difference.

Our pets don’t adapt well to that heat.  They don’t sweat the same way that we do. The only way that they can cool themselves is by panting, drinking or through the pads in their feet.  When overheated, they may pant excessively, drool, have trouble breathing, become disoriented and eventually collapse.

I know we love our pets and don’t want anything to happen to them.  Please be aware of the temperature and think twice before bringing your pet along on errands.

Please check out the www.mydogiscool.com website for more information on what you can do to care for your pet’s.

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