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Feliway and Adaptil Success Stories

By February 7, 2018 Uncategorized

Feliway and Adaptil stories

Kathy :

Many years back my family adopted 2 former barn cats from the Brantford Vet Clinic.  They were lovely boys, but one, Felix was (and still is) quite timid and not so sure of his new home.  He was peeing around the house.  My husband and I were less than thrilled.  Dr Seguin suggested we try Feliway Diffusers© in the rooms where they spent most of their time.   Feliway Diffusers© plug into an electrical outlet and diffuse a pheromone that helps to calm cats.  We don’t notice the smell, but they do.  We used the diffusers for a period of 3 – 4 months and the peeing behaviour stopped.  We haven’t found it necessary to use all the time, but when my daughter brings her cat for a visit we always make sure to have Feliway © on hand.  We also use the Feliway ©spray on the towels in the cat carriers.  We spray about ½ an hour before putting either cat in their carrier and it helps make the drive to the vet’s office a little easier for both the cats and I.




Our receptionist, Bev, had two Siamese littermates.  They had been together their whole lives, and were getting to be quite aged.  When one passed the other was lost.  She went around the house searching for her sister, and crying – you know the Siamese yowl.  All day and all night.  At first everyone was so sorry for her and her loss; but after several days of crying they were at their wits end, not being able to sleep.  We told her to put a Feliway Diffuser© into the house in the area where she spent her time.  In surprisingly short order the yowling decreased, and then stopped.  By the time the diffuser ran out, in a month, she had made the adjustment and had settled into her new life.





In our exam room at the clinic we have a Feliway diffuser © plugged in to help our kitty patients.  We use the diffuser to help decrease anxiety and stress during the vet visit.  For our feline patients who show more signs of being nervous and stressed, we will use the Feliway spray© on a towel on the table and even spray our clothing.  We have seen improvements in our patients using these techniques.





And on the dog side:


In our dog exam room at the clinic we have an Adaptil diffuser© plugged in to help our canine patients.  This is used to help decrease anxiety and stress during the vet visit.  For our dogs that are showing more signs of anxiety and stress we have been spraying bandanas with Adaptil© and putting them on our canine patients to help them feel calm and safe.  We have seen less trembling/shaking and panting during appointments using this method.


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