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Euthanasia, a touchy subject!

Euthanasia, A touchy subject.

I would like to take a moment to talk briefly about a very touchy subject.  Many times we field calls from people who are enquiring as to the cost of euthanizing a family pet.  While we understand that this is a very emotional subject, we do have a policy that we require a client relationship in order to perform this service.  Some people find this upsetting, but let me outline a few of the situations that can arise and see if it helps to bring a better understanding.  These are situations that have happened in veterinary clinics in the past, not necessarily this one.

Situation A:  Husband brings in the dog, Fluffy for euthanasia.  Fluffy belongs to the wife, or another family member who do not wish, or are not ready, for this to happen.

Situation B:  Family member is caring for a cat that urinates inappropriately and thinks their son/daughter/mother/father would be better off without having to deal with the problem.

Situation C:  A divorce has taken place and the family pet is used as a bargaining chip – or way to get back at spouse.

Situation D:  A neighbor is angry that your cat eliminates in his/her yard – or that your dog gets loose and causes damage or too much noise.

By having a known history with your pet, we will rule out a health concern that may give you more time to enjoy your family pet.  A cat was once brought in for euthanasia for urinating all over the house.  We determined that there was a bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics instead.

If we have a client relationship, we have the names on file of people who are authorized to make this type of decision.  If we do not have your spouse’s name on the file, we will call and speak to the person whose name is on the file.  If there is more than one person authorized to make decisions for your pet, simply make sure we have their name on record.

I hope this gives you some understanding  as to why we require a client relationship

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